The 21st-Century Nehemiah


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The man saw a need, rose up, captured a vision, laid a plan, and mobilized others to join him in his cause. You can’t mistake his style. He was an organizer, a pragmatic (sensible, down-to-earth) leader who cared about the traditions of the past and the needs of the present. He cared about the hopes for the future. He cared about his heritage, his ancestral city, and the glory of his God. Thus, he made his way to a top position in the Persian Empire, one of the grandest in the history of the world at that time. In this book, we look inside the personal memoirs of Nehemiah, a great and kind leader whose heart was in a small troublesome place where his people were experiencing difficulties. He felt their need and revealed his caring attitude. Where can you find a Leadership Model that can transform your life? After years of seeing leadership from within the church and outside the church, with its fruit of good and bad leadership, the author has looked into the life of Nehemiah and discovered that through prayer and commitment, leading like Jesus is the only answer for the 21st century Nehemiahs. And that Jesus is the greatest leadership role model of all time. This book will help you think through the sacred charge God has placed upon His leaders and catch a vision of what God asks of you, a member of His church, today. Gladwin Mathews, M.A., M.A., Ph.D., is a graduate of Andrews University, Michigan, U.S.A., and is the former faculty of the Department of Religion at Spicer Memorial College, Pune, India. He migrated to U.S.A. along with his wife and two children and worked with the Lake Union Conference as a missionary. Gladwin enjoys reading, teaching, and writing and also loves Cricket, Badminton, bowling and travel. He is the founder of ‘Glad Advent Ministries’, an independent ministry.