Thank you for your interest in Glad Advent Ministries. This is a web ministry. If you have questions about this web site, or about the ministry, please contact by:-


Phone:- 703-591-2765 / 571-435- 5964

Address:- 10912 Marilta Ct.,Fairfax, Va 22030

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  1. Ronald B.Nyabinge
    Tombe Adventist youth ministry
    P.O. BOX 17847
    East Africa
    Dear Brother Gladwin.
    Greeting from Kenya.We are involved in;
    Soul winning-crusades and Bible distribution
    2.Church planting
    3.Bible study seminars
    4.Helping 75 orphans
    Can you/your ministry support this ministry?This ministry needs materials,Bibles in our Local Languege and Financial help.We need to buy 300 Bibles for our upcoming series of meeting.
    I also welcome you to visit us here and give us your personal support.I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours in His service

    • Dear Brother Ronald,
      It is good to know about your good work and your involvement in the ministry. It will be my pleasure to visit your congregation and to be a part of the ministry.
      Do you have any evangelistic plans in the later part of October as I will be traveling to India and I can stop by on my way for a couple of days to assist in the meetings. Please let me know so that I can make plans.
      Thank you very much. And may God bless you and your ministry!
      With best wishes,

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